Sibal came out in support of Captain

Sibal came out in support of Captain: Said- the need to think why Congress leaders are leaving the party; There is no permanent president in the party, I do not know who is making decisions. Senior Congressman Kapil Sibal has expressed displeasure over the ongoing crisis in the Congress government of Punjab. Sibal, who has questioned the leadership of the party, said, "Congress does not have an elected president, but the decision is being taken by someone or the other.
Whether it is wrong or right... this discussion should be held in the working committee. There is a need to think about why people are leaving the party. Sibal said, 'We are G-23, definitely not Ji Huzoor-23. We will continue to raise issues. I am talking to you on behalf of those Congresspeople who in August last year wrote a letter to the CWC and the Central Election Committee demanding the election of the party president. We are still waiting for the party leadership to take action on it. There is no president in our party, so we don't know who is making these decisions. Although we know, even then we do not know this. Some of our senior colleagues have either written to the Congress President to call the meeting of CWC immediately or it is going to be written soon. This will give us an opportunity to discuss the situation at the party. We will know where the party stands now. News agency ANI quoted sources as saying that senior Congress leader and former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Ghulam Navi Azad has written a letter to Sonia Gandhi. Sibal said- We cannot see the Congress weakening. How long have we been waiting? There is a limit to waiting. We are among those who have stood with the Congress. We have never made a statement against Congress. Still not giving. We (G-23 leaders) are not among those who will leave the party and go elsewhere. Those who were close to him (party leadership) have left the party and those whom he does not consider close to him still stand with him. We have said that fundamentally strengthen the Congress, listen to the people. None of us has commented on what was happening in Punjab. But what is the meaning of what is happening in the Congress party in Punjab, a border state? It is like benefiting ISI and Pakistan. We know the history of Punjab and we are also aware of the militancy that flourished there.