Komal Kanwar Amrawat's 'Banni' song goes viral on Instagram reels

Komal Kanwar or Komal Kanwar Amrawat is an Indian singer from Jaipur, Rajasthan

She definitely has the glamour of crossing a whopping support of over 100 million people on various social media platforms including YouTube and Instagram. But success can sometimes be hidden, it's important to hunt it!

Not all successes happen because they wanted to achieve them from day one, but some have an open eye and they love experimenting each opportunity they have. Very similar thing happened to Miss Komal when she was preparing for UPSC. She loves humanities and culture and that was what she was pursuing academically. She was aware of KS Records who once visited her college to promote various songs they had produced. One day, she came across an audition opening for KS RECORDS as a singer.

She was a part of her school’s chorus and loved semi-classical dance a lot. She never tried singing solo, but this time it was all about experimentation. She went on scene for an interview and gave her performance, rest was all on the judges to decide.

She never knew that this could be the turning point of her life. After more than a month she received an unexpected call from KS RECORDS asking her if she’d be interested in doing a song with them. She rejoiced and signed an agreement for her first official song “Mishri”. That's how it all started. No prior notice, just being aware and trying new things.

“MISHRI” was loved by people and the overwhelming support made her do various projects such as dance choreography with ZEE and another song named “Lahariyo”. It turned out to be another hit. That's how “Banni” reached this peak , in fact Miss Komal was the youngest folk singer to achieve this auspicious milestone. That's the power of trying new things out. It's not easy and takes a lot of courage to jump out of your comfort zone but miracles can happen once you do.

She is still preparing for Civil Services, and now has got a new way to express her love towards culture through her songs. Not all efforts from your childhood goes useless, most of it comes out through your work. This is how the budding of a great singer began. Now it's time for her to bloom.