Meet Teju Jangid, an Indian digital and musical artist

Teju Jangid is an Musician and Artist From a small Village of Jodhpur, India.The India-based illustrator discusses his personal work with deep emotions which has made him connect with a wider audience for his art and illustrations. 

Indian Artist Teju, who has Created Illustration For many Celebrities ; he recently created art of Akshay Kumar’s upcoming movie based On Prithvi Raj Chouhan Character from his own Imagination and Creativity for which he received Appreciation by Akshay Kumar saying That his work seems to be flawless as the characters he draws and motivated him to keep the good work continue. 

The characters in his drawings are  expressed in a preposterous way. Prithviraj Chouhaan often said that death doesn't fears him.The character of prithvi raj chouhaan  is an expression of a phase, it is a mixture of complex feelings and emotions that memorises everyone the proud and victorious past. 

A moral is something that is learned at the end of a lesson and this could be in the form of a story or event. We all have heard moral stories from the past events and the stories or Prithvi Raj Chouhaan which has Implemented these morals within us making us ethical and principally sound. When implemented, these moral values are what make good people and a good society.

Teju mostly features Celebrities in his illustrations. He also says that It’s his way to reflect on the society's complex identity as Traditional or Modern  art , struggling between modernism and the old cultures , values and traditions. 

Teju also keeps a close interaction with his audience and most obvious to say the fans of hi illustrations, paintings and artworks. 

He recently posted his next idea of his art telling that he is going to create a series of painting which would include 3 characters which are Maharana Prataap, Ajabde Panwar  and Akbar, Saying that according to him Ranveer Singh would suit the best for his Maharana Prataap painting and also he asked his fans to advice him actors for the other two characters.