Meet Neeraj Verma, taking over the world of Entertainment


Neeraj Verma, a Jaipur resident, is well-known for his acting and modelling abilities. Everyone is not flawless in their lives, but they can reach their objectives if they desire to Life will constantly give you many problematic situations where you can either build your life or give up.

Neeraj began his career with the brand ‘SPINE MATTERS.’ When asked about his journey, Neeraj said, “I decided to be a model when I was 19 and started my profession.” It wasn’t easy for me at the beginning of the year because I didn’t have the perfect physique, and it was the most challenging time in my career. I was turned down several times but didn’t lose hope. But then I realized, and I started focusing on my physique and a better lifestyle, proper eating habit, and following a decent timetable which was the first step for my success.

I saw results within a year.” And that was the happiest feeling for me. Then I presented myself a model, ‘SPINE MATTERS.’ During the difficult phase of my life, I have understood many aspects. It’s only you how can do everything. No one will come to you and give you opportunities. Make your road to success Neeraj is currently working as a lead model with Spine Matters. He will start work on a web series that will premiere shortly on the OTT platform. LAKME ACADEMY JAIPUR was where he began his career and did many calendar shoots.